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  About Building Verification

Purpose of the Building Verification Forum

The Building Verification Forum is an interim group working towards the establishment of a national Building Verification Council (BVC). The Forum is using a lean start-up philosophy to develop minimal viable projects that will gauge market feedback and test fundamental business hypotheses prior to the BVC being incorporated.

The purpose of the Building Verification Forum is to bring together all the major players in the residential building sector in Australia (from peak bodies and representative organisations through to commercial businesses) to collaborate on the creation of the BVC by completing and testing minimal viable projects that will underpin the success of the BVC concept.

The Building Verification Forum is being run by a Steering Committee and Advisory Group that will enable the initiative to mature, develop detail in its documentation, test scheme and business hypotheses, while gaining enough support to attract members and transition to an independent legal body within 6-12 months.

Read an industry Discussion Paper about the BVC initiative. (PDF 90 Kb)

Key Sector Benefits

The benefits to the industry of a functioning organisation like the BVC are significant:

  • The goal of sustainable housing gets closer not further away.
  • 150,000 new homes in Australia annually getting consistent, accurate and reliable assessments.
  • Elimination of cowboys and assessors who game the system.
  • Consumers able to trust the ratings they get.
  • Better, faster and more reliable rating tools.
  • Better information available to designers and specifiers creating a virtuous circle.
  • Actual energy efficiency gains as opposed to "phantom" gains allowing national carbon reduction targets to be met.
  • Greatly improved documentation and checking processes will assist Building Certifiers and reduce their risk.
  • Improvement in housing stock in all Jurisdictions.
  • Consumers gain confidence in sustainable housing.
  • A growing cohort of "sustainability aware" property professionals who help drive up the demand for sustainable housing.
  • Increased demand for sustainable building products.
  • Better and improving government policy relating to carbon reduction, energy efficiency and other sustainability measures.
  • Builders competing with each other to incorporate sustainability features in order to realise increased profit.

Rules of the Building Verification Forum

The Building Verification Forum has developed a comprehensive set of rules governing membership of the initiative:

Building Verification Forum Rules (PDF 203 Kb)


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Australian Institute of Architects
Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand
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Australian Glass & Glazing Association
Australian Window Association
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LJ Hooker and Liveability
Pitt & Sherry
Australian Living
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