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  Practioner Certification Project

Practioner Certification Project

The scheme will certify assessors and inspectors rather than accredit them. This move will bring building performance professionals into alignment with other building professionals and remove much of the systemic cost that is currently incurred by accreditation. The first stage of this project will be the development of exposure drafts of:

  • Assessor and inspector protocols.
  • Practioner Codes of Practice.
  • Minimum qualifications required by practioners.
  • Professional development and training requirements.
  • Practioner certification examinations/assessment to verify competency on entry to the scheme.
  • Practioner QA processes including third party checking of work, a quick and low-cost complaints-handling and dispute resolution mechanism, as well as effective mandatory remediation activity for practioners who are found to produce substandard work.

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If you are interested in contributing your expertise and knowledge to this project, please contact as at admin@bvc.org.au to be put on our Register of Experts.



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