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  Software certification Project

Software Certification Project

The first stage of this project will be the development of exposure drafts of a software protocol and certification/validation procedure that are aligned with Australian and international standards as well as development of a software roadmap. Conduct benchmarking of tools and calculation engines against expanded requirements including:

  • Ability to accurately model Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10 buildings.
  • Ability to accurately model a range of building floor areas from 10sqm to 2000sqm (instead of using an up/down scaling factor applied to one fixed area - 200sqm in the case of NatHERS).
  • Ability to accurately model common types of Alts + Adds and renovations (those not including kitchens and/or bathrooms).
  • Ability to accurately model building fabric (heating and cooling), fixed services, fixed equipment, fixed appliances, embodied energy, GHG, liveability, rainwater, waste and other performance measures.
  • Ability to accurately model climate responsive, free-running and/or passively-moderated buildings.
  • Ability to accurately model multi-unit developments where bathroom/kitchen/laundry venting is centrally ducted and runs 24/7 all year round.
  • Calculation engine acceptable in international jurisdictions as well as Australia and New Zealand.
  • Integrates with all common CAD tools: AutoCAD, Microstation, ArchiCAD, Chief Architect, SketchUp and AutoDesk Products etc.
  • Generates project-specific recommendations on how to improve rating scores.
  • Extensible so that development and upgrades are ongoing and takes into account future changes in regulatory requirements (as well as building technology advances).
  • Integrates an application development environment or open-source environment allowing small scale developers to create better user interfaces, mobile applications and interoperability with other tools and software platforms and datasets.
  • Use of consistent terminology and nomenclature across front-end tool platforms.
  • Runs on the Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms.
  • Interchangeable weather data and regulation mode compliance requirements to enable engine use in different international settings.

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If you are interested in contributing your expertise and knowledge to this project, please contact as at admin@bvc.org.au to be put on our Register of Experts.



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