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  Verification Processing System (VPS) Project

Verification Processing System (VPS) Project

The first stage of this project will be detailing the schematic/flow-chart of the VPS, a sophisticated data processing system able to handle upwards of 1.5million project records per annum and 10,000 practioners with the following requirements:

  • Practioner certification tracking and QA review.
  • Authentification of practioners to determine current compliance with certification requirements and therefore access to the VPS.
  • Practioner automated upload of assessment/inspection data from tools, checklists and other file inputs.
  • Practioner search, edit, delete, clone or certify/uncertify of assessment/inspection data.
  • Practioner export/upload of assessment/inspection data to other third-party systems such as BASIX.
  • Purchase and refund of various certificates (house plan Stamps, Verification Reports, Building Performance Labels, etc).
  • Production of house plan Stamps, Verification Reports, Building Performance Labels and other regulatory and non-regulatory schedules, reports and outputs used by practioners.
  • Sophisticated output reporting including dashboards, summary reports and data export capability.
  • Public access authentification of house plan Stamps, Verification Reports and Building Performance Labels allowing users to check that the information they have been given at property purchase matches the BVC database.
  • Public access geospatial building performance and social marketing tool integration allowing users to compare the building performance of properties in their neighborhood, state and nationally.

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If you are interested in contributing your expertise and knowledge to this project, please contact as at admin@bvc.org.au to be put on our Register of Experts.



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